Low Down Dirty Swing, Live

by Jack's Cats

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    In November, Jack's Cats recorded a live performance which resulted in this collection of twelve tracks, including six original compositions. If vinyl is not your thing, we are pleased to offer Jack's Cats: Low Down Dirty Swing, Live here in this stand-alone digital format.
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Lyrics: I don’t want no modern rock-an’-roll; I can’t dig that straight-eight beat at all. Just give me, Low Down Dirty Swing! A swingin’ rhythm that’s got a ring. It’s all that, but it don’t mean a thing. Yeah, deal me some, Low Down Dirty Swing! It’s that singin’ sound from birds up in the sky; big ol’ trucks that rumble by. Java perkin’, now it’s workin’. You’re so low down you’re high and you’ve got to sing: A rhythm that you just can’t ignore; it makes you jump up and hit the floor. Yeah, give me that, Low Down Dirty Swing!
Lyrics: Have you seen the well-to-do up and down Park Avenue, on that famous thoroughfare with their noses in the air. High hats and Arrow collars, white spats and lots of dollars, spending ev'ry dime for a wonderful time.
Lyrics: Shadows grow longer on the window sill; outside, summer’s breeze takes on a chill. Leaves are green but I know: There’ll Soon Be Snow. Romance is like the seasons: Plain to all. Spring’s infatuation gives way to fall. My love’s here, but I know: There’ll Soon Be Snow. Why do I fool myself each time I sense a thaw? And… Who expects to live a summer which has no fall? Winter, I suppose, holds it s own sweet charms. Perhaps a warm embrace in another’s arms. You’re still here but I know: There’ll Soon Be Snow.
Lyrics: I wear my Sunday best; seems you don’t care at all. I’m done with playin’ coy, just hopin’ that you’ll call. To-nite’s the night! I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna lay it on the line! (Here’s what I’m gonna say….) It’s Time To Admit You Love Me. It’s time you laid your doubts to rest. If you’ll just admit you like me, you’ll find that my love’s the best. When you arrive late to meet me for a show or a dance, your collar’s frayed, your heels are worn. Is that the way to start romance? But to-nite when I’m near you, and stars above are twinkling bright, you’ll come ‘round to see things all my way — that’s right! Like birds and bees, with you and me, love begins with honesty. So why not just admit you think I’m —not just your pal, Say, why not just admit you think I’m swell?
Lyrics: Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on your door step. Just direct your feet, to the Sunny Side Of The Street. Can’t you hear that pitter pat? And that happy tune is your step. Life can be so sweet, On The Sunny Side Of The Street. I used to walk in the shade with those blues on parade. But I'm not afraid: this rover crossed over. If I never have a cent, I'll be rich as Rockefeller. Gold dust at my feet, On The Sunny Side Of The Street.
Nuages 04:50
Lyrics: Bésame; Bésame Mucho. Each time I cling to your kiss I hear music divine. Bésame; Bésame Mucho. Hold me my darling and say that you’ll always be mine. This joy is something new, my arms enfolding you, never knew this thrill before. Who ever thought I’d be holding you close to me, whispering “It’s you I adore.” Dearest one, if you should leave me, each little dream would take wing and my life would be through. Bésame; Bésame Mucho. Love me forever and make all my dreams come true.
Lyrics: Too much jive in the joint. Too much under the hood. When I need to simplify: Les Is The Most. Too much that stick o’ tea. Too much that drink o’ gin. When I crave a mellow groove: Les Is The Most. Les fills up my ears and Les fills up my heart. Yeah, “Less is more.” I’ve heard ‘em say. Les Is The Most. All I need’s a porkpie hat an’ all I need’s a tenor sax. Goin’ small, I’ll take that leap ‘cause: Les Is The Most.
Lyrics: I arrived in town last Monday, confident of my charms. I thought I’d find some new sweet daddy who’d squeeze me in his arms. Y’ see I made a list, that simply wouldn’t miss. I didn’t buy a round trip fare, all because of this…. I’ve got a well stocked bar, I drive a Cadillac car, my reputation’s known near and far. I’ve got a PhD, the Queen has had me to tea, I charge an astronomical hourly fee. I’ve got a diamond grill, a hundred dollar bill, my staff works hard so I can chill. I’ve been favorably compared to Eva Gabor, but The Boys Just Want The Girl Next Door. I’ve surveyed the local scene and don’t know what to do. I thought that I’d blow in to town and have my way with you. I’ve got a condo in Vail and a yacht under sail, I thought a date with me would be the Holy Grail. I only fly First Class, I’ve got a nice little — Say! But all the boys I’ve met have decided to pass. I wore my high-heeled shoes, drank expensive booze, I figured, “Hey!” I’ve got nothing to lose. So then I tried to look sweet, to give the boys all a treat, but I still found myself on Lonely Street. I even tried to act dumb, did my hair in a bun, but the type that attracted was simply no fun. They all saw me do the shimmy on the dance floor, but The Boys Just Want The Girl Next Door. I’ve surveyed the local scene and don’t know what to do. I thought that I’d blow in to town and have my way with you. I guess I’ll wait ’til I find a guy who don’t mind a woman like me who’s highly refined. I’ll say one thing more and that’s “Love is a bore, when all they want is the girl next door!”
Lyrics: You're walking along the street or you're at a party, or else you're alone and then you suddenly dig, you're looking in someone's eyes, you suddenly realize, that this could be the start of some-thing big. You're lunching at "Twenty-One" and watching your diet, declining a Charlot Russe, accepting a fig, when out of the clear blue sky, it's suddenly gal and guy, and this could be the start of something big. There's no controlling the unrolling of your fate my friend, who knows what's written in the magic book? But when a lover you discover at the gate my friend, in-vite him in with out a second look. You're up in an aeroplane, or dining at "Sardi's" or lying at Malibu alone in the sand. You suddenly hear a bell and right away you can tell: This could be the start of something swell!
Lyrics: You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To, you'd be so nice by the fire. While the breeze on high, sang a lullaby, you'd be all that I could desire. Under stars chilled by the winter, under an August moon, burning above. You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise to come home to and love.


Please enjoy this live video, filmed as we recorded the album!


released February 11, 2014


all rights reserved



Jack's Cats Los Angeles, California

Swing clarinetist and saxman Jack Malmstrom and his Cats recently stepped out of the 1940s into present day Los Angeles to the delight and occasional bewilderment of vintage jazz fans and swing dancers. The Cats maintain an active live schedule holding forth for audiences with hand-picked standards, forgotten gems and original tunes. Their 2019 release "The State of Swing" features 14 originals. ... more

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