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We only offer digital downloads of our music through bandcamp so....
Maximum data speeds are only limited by the slowest involved piece of equipment, and bandwidth availability. For this example lets assume bandwidth availability is assured, server bank “A” is sending data to server bank “B”. Server bank “A” consists of solid state storage drives of the highest speed known to mankind, cutting edge processors, and great RAM. Server bank “B” consists of external IDE hard disk drives, connected to the server bank via USB 1.1 IDE adapters, and the drives only spin at 5200RPM. The servers are all old (both in design, and have been in operation for many years), there's only a single older processor per server, and there's not a lot of RAM either. Despite server bank “A” being crazy amazing blow your pants, underwear, and socks off fast, server bank “B” can't keep up, so the data transfer speed between the two servers is whatever server bank “B” can muster for its write speed. If your home computer is substituted for server bank “A”, and your favorite website is server bank “B”, accessing data on that site is probably like downloading a high resolution sky map on a 14.4 dial-up connection. Same goes if we reverse the systems. If your favorite website is server bank “A” and your home computer is substituted for server bank “B”, the data speeds are just as slow.

As for maximum possible data transfer speeds known to man, if you want to see that with your own eyes(and this is not a joke), walk into a dark room and close the door. Find the light switch and turn it on. Your brain just received data faster than any computer could possibly transfer it.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you a hard number to look at, but by the time you read this message, some new component was created to make computers “X” times faster and that number would be obsolete anyway.

~ Thanks Mik Mitchell
Return Policy
We only provide digital downloads through bandcamp and are therefore unable to offer a return policy.