The State of Swing

by Jack's Cats

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North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington or Idaho. Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Delaware? Gee, I don’t know! If you’re from that Show Me state or, getting’ tired of your Bluegrass state, follow me to the latest thing: I just moved up to the State of Swing. Red states, blue states, in between! That Tar Heel state just ain’t your scene? Even Lone Stars go real far, when they move to the State of Swing! The State of the Union’s gotten confusin’, ‘least that’s what I heard in The Man’s address. I packed my grip; I found a new home; now every night I dance away that stress! Think that Empire State’s so great? The Land of Enchantment might hold your fate? You’ll learn, Gates! That news is fake! When you move to the State of Swing.
Ain’t gonna be lonely, ain’t gonna be gloomy. Ain’t gonna grow sad an’ old. Ain’t gonna go walkin’ down the road of life without a hand to hold. Ain’t Gonna Be Blue, not since that man said, “I love you.” They’ll say that I’m happy; they’ll say that I’m lucky; “He started her on her way.” I’ve found my very best joy — a sweet little boy. It just happened today. Ain’t Gonna Be Blue, not since that man said, “I love you.” Oh, I never thought I, no matter how I’d try, would find myself such a friend. I didn’t think he, could ever care for me, but now it’s ‘parently quite plain to see. We’re gonna be happy. We’re gonna be lucky. We finally found our way. And now no matter what comes, he’ll be right there with me. It’s gonna be swell, I’ll say. We ain’t gonna be blue, not since we said I love you.
It’s music haunts me still. I know it always will. That’s the Call of the Cicada. A swelt’ring summer’s lust. The heat that starts at dusk. That’s the Call of the Cicada. Can you hear that siren song? It sounds so good it can’t be wrong. Follow me where pleasure waits, we’ll climb as one to Heaven’s gates. Romance that’s never lost. The past is now and not forgot. That’s the Call of the Cicada. Saxes and trumpets blast their music sweet or fast. You’ll hear them all at the Cicada. Dancers with style and flash, a man with thin mustache. You’ll see them all at the Cicada.
Beth and Uncle Lou want us at six, your sister too, and then, a birthday bash for Cousin Sue, that’s just a few.... Don’t be upset if I’m intent to skip our set’s fine fete. Let’s us don’t fret, let’s send regrets let’s have a tête-à-tête. The fire’s a-glow, the lamps are low. Our friends are swell, but, “No!” Our plans aren’t set. We just won’t go. Let’s tell ‘em, “Heck, we’d rather stay at home and pet!” The madding crowd can hiss and boo. I’d rather kiss and bill and coo. R.S.V.P.s, soirees and teas; won’t you agree, “Not we!” Love can be ours if we just dare, give them the air and throw our own affair.
My Friend 03:17
There’s times the fight won’t go my way; stormy skies are dark and gray. But I know you’ll make it work again ‘cause you’re My Friend. Now if you call me late at night, bereft of joy, no hope in sight. We’ll talk it out ‘till it shines again ‘cause you’re My Friend. It’s give and take, you see, this happy harmony of life. And when at last the throngs applaud your song, there’s the joy for me. Tonight I’ll sing a song or two, ‘bout a love that’s dear and true, but they can’t compare; it’s hardly fair; ‘cause you’re My Friend.
The Cricket 04:43
I’m on my way up. You’re just a speed bump. I haven’t time for A Minor Interruption. I’m out for big deals. You’re spinnin’ small wheels. I haven’t time for A Minor Interruption. I thought I’d found a star. I thought we’d both go far. I was wrong now I see. You’re just deadweight to me. I’m not a cruel one. You won’t have much fun when I’m on top, and you’re A Minor Interruption.
When you’re good, that’s bad. When You’re Bad, that’s good. It’s too bad ‘cause you’re really quite nice. But what good is a boy who ain’t never bad? Come on do wrong tonight, ‘cause it feels so right, and I know we’ll never be sad. It’s no good if we only do what we should. Some girls like shining knights, heroes that dress in white. For me there’s just no thrill in all that. Why not live dangerously? Forget propriety? If we do it right we won’t look back. Now I’m mad for you and I’m glad it’s true. I’ve forgotten all of the rest. Because Darling, when you’re bad you’re simply the best!


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New release
Fourteen all new original swing tunes by Jack’s Cats. Oh… and a surprise just-for-bandcamp-friends bonus track too!

What is the state of this music we call swing? Seeking new expression, art constantly evolves, expanding outward, exploding into countless new styles. But are fresh ideas only to be discovered in uncharted territory? What might result when the creative search for The New is focused within a past genre? Our ongoing exploration of a style we call “Pre-Bop” — when jazz was popular music — led to this collection. These all new, original compositions are performed in a more-or-less mid-century style, but be prepared for a surprise or two.
We hope you’ll discover what we have: The state of swing is alive, exciting, intelligent, danceable — and fun!

Swing clarinetist and saxman Jack Malmstrom and his Cats recently stepped out of the late 1940s and arrived in present day Los Angeles to the delight and occasional bewilderment of vintage jazz fans and swing dancers. The Cats are grateful to maintain a very active schedule holding forth for audiences amused to discover their performances overflowing with hand-picked standards, forgotten gems and Jack’s Cats original tunes. The show’s not all on the bandstand though — The Cats always attract a friendly, enthusiastic dance crowd.


released March 29, 2019

Jack Malmstrom: bandleader, clarinet, tenor saxophone, vocal, producer, composer.
Phil Small: piano, assistant producer, composer.
Gretje (Kitten) Angell: vocals
Blake Handler: vibraphone, auxiliary percussion
Mark San Filippo: percussion
Bryan Dedlow: guitar
Marcus Buser: bass, vocal

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rich Wenzel at Ardent Audio Productions in Torrance, California in March 2019.
Sleeve design and printing by letterpress artist Gloria Kondrup.
All music and lyrics copyright 2019 Jack Malmstrom, except “Phil’s Boogie” copyright Philip Small. (Naturally!)

For more information please visit:


all rights reserved



Jack's Cats Los Angeles, California

Swing clarinetist and saxman Jack Malmstrom and his Cats recently stepped out of the 1940s into present day Los Angeles to the delight and occasional bewilderment of vintage jazz fans and swing dancers. The Cats maintain an active live schedule holding forth for audiences with hand-picked standards, forgotten gems and original tunes. Their 2019 release "The State of Swing" features 14 originals. ... more

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